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New Impulse for the CleanTech Business Park

In an interview with the district newspaper “Die Hellerdorfer”, company spokeswoman Cindy Böhme and project manager Lukas Becker give an outlook on new approaches for the CleanTech Business Park.

“We want to signal to companies that they can very well invest and build here,” reports Lukas Becker. We are talking about the CleanTech Business Park in Marzahn. The approximately 90-hectare site is to become a Zukunftsort for industrial companies that develop clean technologies and sustainable products.

An initial construction project planned by an investor was stopped by the administrative court due to the green toad migrating on the site. The site is currently being remapped in order to record the current occurrence of species and implement any compensatory measures.

WISTA will now construct its own reference building on the site. The plan is for a hybrid building consisting of a workshop and office, which can be rented, leased or sold after completion.

Read the full interview here.


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